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very nice animation

yay glowing swords + epic fight :)

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It's hard to make a clay movie, I liked this one. Except the sound, it was really bad.


"Nope, he's terrible" :P

very nice one, and a better graphic quality then the previous weebls :D

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very cool game!

Very nice, I managed to get the hedgehog in space in 10 days!!! who beats me :P

its fun

It's a quite funny game, nice drawn, but i dont really like the music :P

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cool game

its a cool game,

first, i thought it was a game about the coffeshops we have in Holland :P, they sell stuff like weat there, 2 bad it isnt a game like that, i would pown in that ^^

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Nice Try

I can hear that you like dubstep and tried to get some intelligent beats in it. Shame that the piano melody is awefull. You should have tried to get a better and more sounding melody in this. At 1,30 something the whole beat is blowed away by too much bass, this isn't really the meaning of dubstep. You can't hear any drums and hi-hats anymore. Your whole song gets vague, it's only a wall of sound. Better luck next time, try putting more time in it.

great dance!!!

There are a few things I really like in this song:

The constant changing melody! It's so awesome, I can learn alot from you!

The basslines in this song, zomgs! :D

And that the whole song is getting more volume each 30 seconds, it gets more sounds and thats really cool (can't really explain that, too hard in english :P)

Good job!

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Shinrog responds:

Lol I think I get the point bout the volume, the bass was pretty hard to make,fruity filter+parametric EQ 2+bass booster+compressor...

very good

Good job mate! I like this one because of the mystic thing it has. The drums are awesome!

Geigamg responds:

^_^ Happy to hear you liked the drums.. =O that was the hard part.

Thanks for all the support mate =D

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