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Art mode: On

2009-10-18 10:10:19 by Joowna

I created my first art piece, check it out!

Back on

2009-06-20 08:55:05 by Joowna

Hello there!

I'm back making Music, it's been a while, but meh, who cares?



New Song :)

2008-05-19 06:52:21 by Joowna

I submitted a new house track, check it out! /144950

Yay ultimate Collab thing :P

2008-04-12 11:20:43 by Joowna

My new song is coming up, some sort of house track, but that isnt the great news...

I found a Flash Artist who is going to make a flash on it :) :) :) :D XD
I'm really looking forward to it!

soon more news!

Making new Dance

2008-03-16 06:52:50 by Joowna

After a while experimenting i'm busy again with creating new dance music :)

This time I told myself to work longer on one song, and not to be satisfied to soon :P I'm making some nice, sometimes more house like music now, chilling ^^

look out for a demo of one of my new songs this week :)

-stay tuned...

Noisia Noise

2008-02-17 12:31:10 by Joowna

Listening to Noisia DnB makes you feel better! :) PJUo

Audio Top Box #4

2008-02-01 15:06:09 by Joowna

Yea number 4 :)

"Elliptical" by
Bahdshah /117552

Drum 'N Bass
"Space Invaders" by Boney-Man /118703

"Immortal" by Black-Diamond /102757
Yay Jumpstyle :)

"Playing Poker" by Cheeze-R-Us /70002
Why: Ah, at least listen once to some nice jazz, you fool! :P

Audio Top Box #3

2008-01-30 15:48:51 by Joowna

# 3 this time, which song do you like most?

"Fast Fall" by Shinrog /116905

Drum 'N Bass
"computerized" by Trogdar /118003

"My last Goodbye" by LiqiudEvolution /120002

"Mindfunked" by PhoenixUl /77543
Why: Again Funk, but listen to that song, it's pro and I'm in a chilling mood, so this song is cool for me! :)

Audio Top Box #2

2008-01-29 14:40:41 by Joowna

It's cool, its new :) thx for watching this list !
These are the #1 in each genre + the bonus song.

29 January 2008

"Swinging in 4/3" by Envy /118810
A really nice style!

Drum 'N Bass
"Salt" by xjordanx /109496
Nice and fast!

"In your presence" by The Comet /97064
Just great trance!

"Midnight" by CazmoV /110991
Why:Industrial this time, this song may sound boring in the begin, but listen when those drums come in! Really nice done!

Audio Top Box #2

New Idea!!! Check it!!!

2008-01-28 13:41:09 by Joowna

I had a great idea of making something cool, and I hope I can keep it up :)

My favorite genres are: Dance, Trance and Drum 'N Bass
Everyday I will post the ones in the top of the audio portal, and one bonus song which I like :P
1. The song on top of each genre must have over 20 votes, otherwise the next one will be it.
2. The Bonus track comes from an other genre then those 3 above, and I will tell you why I like it :)
3. I hope people will like this, it gives a clear picture of good songs :)

Ok for Today:

28 January 2008:

"Drown" from F-777 /117137

Drum 'N Bass:
"Break Beat Chaoz 2" from Treadz /116983

"Anthem" from SizzloRox /117370

"Three Organ Funk" from Staticnoise /1320

Why: This song gives a real relaxing feeling, and that is something not much songs give me!

Hope you like this list, check again 2morrow :)

New Idea!!! Check it!!!